What is a lead?

Leads in neetoCRM are individuals or companies who are potential customers or clients interested in your services or any products. Leads can be considered as potential deals. Since these are potential deals, they are not yet ready to progress through the sales journey, but they're also not inactive enough to be dismissed.

Lead can contain contact information helpful for connecting with them. You can send SMS or emails to your leads to connect with them. You can take follow-ups with your lead with the help of tasks and record the outcome in neetoCRM as notes.

If the lead is not interested or if it is spam, then you can dismiss it. If the lead is interested, you can convert it into a deal and start the sales process.

Here are key points to understand about leads:

  • Leads can be associated with individuals, organizations, or both. For instance, a lead could represent an individual potential customer or an entire company interested in your product.

  • Leads provide a systematic way to organize potential clients before moving them into your active sales pipeline. Imagine leads as a virtual waiting room where potential customers are sorted before their formal engagement in the sales process.

  • Leads can be easily imported into your account for streamlined management. For example, you can effortlessly bring in leads from various sources such as online forms such as neetoForm or via importing them from a spreadsheet

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