Re-engaged leads

Leads in neetoCRM can originate from various sources. Leads can be created using neetoForm, via Import through CSV/Excel, via API, or from within neetoCRM. For instance, if a lead with the email address [email protected] is initially created through the CSV/Excel Import and later an inquiry with the same email comes from neetoForm, the system recognizes this as a re-engagement. In this scenario, neetoCRM doesn't generate a new lead but marks the existing lead as re-engaged, since it has engaged with neetoCRM from a couple of sources.

If a lead has multiple sources, all the sources for the lead are mentioned on the lead's page.

Multiple sources for a lead

neetoCRM uses the lead's email and phone numbers to determine if a lead already exists. Note that, if a lead is created through neetoForm or API, attempting to add the same lead through neetoCRM results in the creation of a new lead, without marking it as re-engaged. This is so that creating a lead via neetoCRM is a manual effort and if you are manually creating a lead, it shouldn't count as re-engaged. Conversely, if a lead is initially created in neetoCRM and a similar inquiry is received from other sources, the lead is marked as re-engaged.

This feature is helpful because prioritization of re-engaged leads should be emphasized, as they are deemed more likely to convert. To facilitate this, there is a system filter added specifically for re-engaged leads on the leads dashboard, enabling you to easily identify and focus on these high-priority leads.

Re-engaged filter for leads

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