Pipeline and stages view for deals

neetoCRM offers two distinct views for deals: the normal list view and the pipeline and stages view also referred to as the board view. This view offers a kanban board for your deals. You can seamlessly switch between these views by selecting the Board view icon next to the "Add new deal" button.


The selected view is saved, ensuring that upon returning to the deals page, the your preferred view is displayed.

At any given time, only one pipeline's deals are visible, and users can choose which pipeline they want to view. The option to select a pipeline is available alongside the Filter option on the top-right of the page.

image (9).png

Within the board view, deals are organized based on the selected pipeline and its respective stages. Each stage is represented in a column, displaying the deals associated with that particular stage. The deals are shown as draggable cards, allowing users to update the stage of a deal simply by dragging and dropping the card from one stage to another. Similarly, users can change the position of a deal's card within the same stage.

The deal card provides valuable information, including an incomplete task count. You can easily manage tasks associated with a deal by creating new tasks directly from the deal's card using the "add" option if no tasks are currently present.

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