Capturing leads using neetoForm

You can use neetoForm to create embeddable forms for your website or for posting on social media to collect information from your users or prospective customers. Submissions/information from these forms can be used to automatically create leads inside neetoCRM.

Follow the below steps to start capturing leads using neetoForm:

  1. Create a neetoForm. Learn more about neetoForm creation.

  2. Add neetoCRM integration on neetoForm. Learn more about this integration.

  3. Share neetoForm by putting it on your website or add it on your social media. Learn more about embedding your neetoForm.

  4. All neetoForm responses will be captured in neetoCRM as leads.

  5. You can see the neetoForm response on the individual lead's page. All leads created from neetoForm get assigned the source as neetoForm. This can then be used to create filters for analytics.

⚠️ If a form is submitted twice by the same phone number or email, then a new lead would not get created. We will store the response on the existing lead with that phone number or email. This existing lead would be marked as re-engaged i.e. an indication of an important lead since this lead has been received enquiry more than once. Learn more about re-engaged leads.

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