User score functionality

In the lead creation process within neetoCRM, leads originate from various sources such as neetoCRM itself, neetoForm, CSV/Excel import or via API. Often, these newly generated leads lack a designated owner, prompting the need for user assignment. To address this, users are selected as owners for new leads based on a scoring system implemented in neetoCRM. This user scores functionality was introduced to ensure an equitable distribution of leads among users for more effective workload management.

When a user is assigned as the owner of a lead, their user score increments by 1. neetoCRM then identifies the least-scored user for lead assignment. In cases where multiple users share the same score, leads are assigned to them randomly in a round-robin fashion. If a lead is reassigned to a different user, the new user's score increases by 1. Additionally, if the reassigned lead was created on the same day, the previous owner's score is decremented by 1.

At midnight, all user scores are reset to 0, ensuring a fresh start for lead assignment. Users can access the option to manually reset user scores to 0 by navigating to Settings -> Manage users -> User scores.

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