Import leads through CSV/Excel file

  1. To import leads, go to Settings -> Imports and click on the Leads tab.

  2. Click on Import lead button.

  3. You will get an option to upload your CSV or Excel file. The first row in the CSV or Excel file should be headers so that it is easier to map the data with the fields in neetoCRM.

  4. Once you have uploaded your file, click on the Next button. You would be then directed to the mapping page.

  5. On the mapping page, you can map file columns with lead's system fields such as lead name, contact name, company name, email, phone etc. If there are no system fields that can be mapped with the data in your file, then you can create custom fields.

  6. There is an option to ignore any column you want from the uploaded file. Select Ignore this column if you don't want to import data from a particular column.

  7. Click on Next button once the mapping is done. You would be then directed to the preview page.

  8. On the preview page, we show a preview of the first three file records as leads. Here, you can verify the details and check if the mapping is done correctly.

  9. After verification, you can select the configuration for duplicate lead detection. Below are the options:

    • Detect automatically: Name, email and phone fields would be considered to determine if duplicate leads are present in the uploaded file.

    • Select a field: You can add your field which can be used for determining lead duplication.

  10. After setting the duplication detection configuration, you can now select the action that would be performed on these duplicate leads. There are 3 options:

    • Merge

    • Skip

    • Create

  11. Click on Start import button to start the import process. Import would be run in the background. You can then check the Import leads history page to get the status of your import.

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